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Post surgical compression garments: what are they for? And, how to choose the right one?

Better Me

February 18, 2022

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Receiving lymphatic drainage massages and wearing a post-surgical compression garment are some of the key cares that plastic surgery patients must follow during their recovery period. 

In the past, we have already explained why postoperative massages are important, so today we will use the opportunity to tell you everything you need to know about the use of post surgical compression or pressure garments, their benefits, and how to choose the most appropriate one, regarding your case.

What are post surgical compression garments for?

Many board-certified plastic surgeons recommend wearing a post surgical compression garment after plastic surgery because they help achieve desired results.

Compression garments help shape the body and enhance the healing process. As they constantly generate a mechanical pressure on the operated areas, the compression garments reduce swelling and edema, thus achieving a faster recovery.[1]

Based on our patient’s experiences and expert opinions, we have found that pressure garments provide many benefits to the postoperative process.

Some outstanding ones are:

  • Improve blood circulation: Due to controlled pressure from the elastic garments, liquid retention is reduced. As a result, healing of hematomas is accelerated and swelling is minimized.
  • Provide firmness: By immobilizing affected tissues, compression garments keep the treated area tight. As a result, it ends up firming the skin and speeding up tissue recovery.
  • Improve scarring: They help control the stretching and tightening process of the skin, avoiding flaccidity and the formation of stretch marks.
  • Correct posture: In addition to sculpting the body, they ensure you maintain an ideal posture, which is of tremendous support during your daily activities after plastic surgery.

Fuente:  lipoelastic-nh.com.[8] 

[H2] How to choose the right post surgical compression garment?

We recommend that you first ask your plastic surgeon for help. Usually, they can assist you to select the design and fabric you’ll need according to your case and the procedure you’ll undergo. However, you might complement what you already know by reading our suggestions below. 

The design is key

According to our experience, the first thing you should take into account when selecting a post-surgical compression garment and the most obvious one,- is to pick a design that matches the body area you will be operated on. 

A pressure garment designed for abdominoplasty isn’t the same as one for buttock augmentation. In case both are performed, you will need one that covers all operated parts. Therefore, choose the compression garment design according to the type of surgery you’ll undergo.

Comfort fabric

The second thing to take into account would be the fabric. According to the Study of Properties of Medical Compression Fabrics [7] published by Global Science Press in 2011, the fabrics’ composition (materials), as well as its thickness, have been found to impact the healing process and the patient’s comfort.

So one of the most popular fabrics among most manufacturers is Powernet. Made of polyamide and elastane, this material allows the skin to breathe, prevents moisture accumulation and smells, can fit properly to the body, and gives greater freedom of movement.

Other details to consider before buying one

On the other hand, getting the correct size would be the third key point to consider when purchasing your postoperative compression garment. If the size you get is too small, it could cause extreme pressure. And if you choose a size that is too loose, it will have no effect. It is clear that the pressure garment has to fit tightly, but it should never cause strong pressure. 

Because of this, it is always advised to try the garment before you buy it. Or, pick one that fits your current pant’s size, in case you cover the lower area[9].

Last but not least, you need to review some minor details that you can not overlook when choosing one. Check if the stitching is outside or inside, the straps are adjustable, clasps are in front or at the back, the color is to your liking, or the pressure garment contains any material that could cause you any allergy. [10]

Post surgery compression garments role in the process of achieving a quick recovery after a surgical intervention, so we wouldn’t like you to pick wrong because of tiny details.

In summary

Wearing compression garments after your plastic surgery is vital to obtain the desired results. They may help speed up your recovery, correct your posture, and sculpt your figure so you can show off the change you’ve always dreamed of.

Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning the importance of consulting your plastic surgeon about the type of post-surgical compression garment you should wear and getting advice before buying one.

At BetterMe, we provide you with all the information you need to know about post-surgical care. Our 15 years of experience in medical tourism in Colombia make us experts in providing you with the right tips for selecting the ideal pressure garment and other postoperative care.

Don’t hesitate anymore. Contact us to receive our personalized advice and start your medical evaluation process today.


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