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New boom in male facelift 

Better Me

June 18, 2022

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For some time now, male plastic surgeries have increased their share of the cosmetic surgery sector. However, there has been a special boom in male facelifts since the decrease of restrictions by Covid-19 that has surprised some media and doctors. 

This has made more than one reflect on the possible causes of this furor and draw their possible conclusions. So below, we will expose the most popular reasons and explain the main benefits of this type of surgery in the male gender.

Reasons for the popularity of male facelift 

One of the reasons why facelift is believed to have had a sudden popularity in men is due to the sharp increase of video calls during the pandemic period [2]. Many men became more aware of any imperfections in their faces that they sought facelifts as a way to address them in the long term.

In addition, working at home has also made it easier to make recovery time somewhat discreet and easy to disguise without having to ask for days off for this. 

What is a male facelift procedure?

Facelift, also known as rhytidoplasty, is a surgical procedure that allows tightening, correcting and toning facial muscles, as well as eliminating facial wrinkles caused by sagging skin and the passage of time [1]. It is formidable to restore youthfulness to the face and to show off a much firmer neck.

To proceed with this intervention, the plastic surgeon makes very small incisions that are hidden either in the natural folds of the skin of the face, near the pinna or in imperceptible places in the hair to maintain aesthetics and naturalness.

Depending on the previous medical diagnosis, the surgeon will decide the most convenient techniques to tighten the patient’s skin. He could choose between a brow lift, an eyelid correction (upper and lower), a cheek lift, a jaw contour definition, and/or a treatment in the neck area within the same session [3].

There are no significant differences in the technique used for men and women [5]. However, what the plastic surgeon does take into account is preserving the position of the sideburn and beard.

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What are the benefits of a male facelift?

Some of the benefits men receive from undergoing this type of procedure are [6]:

  • Re-contour jawline and neck: it is normal for loose skin to begin to appear between the face and neck as we age. This creates jowls, drags the skin down and gives a disproportionate appearance. A facelift can redefine the contour of the jawline by removing excess skin and fat deposits found in these areas.
  • Repair various signs of aging: deep creases extending from the nose to the corners of the mouth (nasolabial folds), lines extending from the corners of the mouth to the chin (marionette lines) and facial fat or volume that has shifted can be corrected with this procedure.
  • Achieve natural results: contrary to popular belief, a facelift can produce results that do not look like a pulled back face or deform the patient’s natural features. When looking at before and after photos of men, in most cases youthfulness is restored without the procedure being obvious. 
male facelift

In summary

We can say that facelifts in the male gender have increased in popularity thanks to working at home and the rise of video calls during the Covid-19 era. With more exposure to video cameras, men have become more aware of their facial and neck imperfections.

Fortunately, this surgical procedure allows for the correction of sagging in this area of the face, in addition to other obvious signs of aging. It also allows the implementation of other facial surgeries such as blepharoplasty to correct bags around the eyes, generating a greater sense of firmness and youthfulness in facial expression.

If you have more questions about this, we invite you to write to us to receive personalized assistance and solve all your concerns about our services as well as prices in Colombia, travel plans, medical staff, etc.. Start your free pre-consultation process with us today.

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